Monday, September 06, 2004

Canada's Crazy Homeschooler's

Quoting from this site:
Despite that latest study, and other research that shows homeschooled kids actually score higher on standardized academic tests, enjoy greater self-esteem, and demonstrate considerable leadership skills, homeschooling remains on the fringes of New Brunswick's educational scene. Neither the provincial Department of Education nor teachers' associations in New Brunswick seems keen to promote homeschooling.

Well, it seems Canada is following in the footsteps of United States Homeschooling parents. They too are discovering the joys of homeschooling, while facing the prejudices that go along with it. I only wish I could rap the NEA and the teachers associations upside the head with the reminder that you don't need a college degree in education to teach your child to read, write, do sums, and love learning. It seems a hundred studies could be released showing that homeschooled children are not backwards and socially maladjusted, and still they would cry foul.

My sister brought it to my attention that I am just the kind of parent that the public schools hate to lose, and my son is the kind of kid that teachers want to have in class. That's a lovely sentiment, but I can't base my decisions regarding my children's education on what the teacher might miss out on. My goal is to educate my son. But I'm almost starting to sense a sinister hostility on the part of these educational beuracrats.

The Revolution is coming...

Any bets on how long before I become a loony, living with my 8 kids in a cabin in the woods with no running water? If only I could live without the luxury of a hot shower... :-)

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