Thursday, September 02, 2004

The House In St. Paul

Well, we went and looked at a house in St. Paul tonight. It was not what I had hoped. I didn't like the neighborhood. It was a corner lot with no fence, so sending the kids in the backyard to play would have been like saying, "Hey, kids, 10 bucks to whoever gets hit by a car first!" The kitchen was tiny, no dishwasher, nice new appliances, but cabinetry that made me afraid to put my dishes and food in it. Nice living room and fireplace. Tiny downstairs bedroom, wouldn't have worked for the kids. The screened in porch had broken glass on the floor. Upstairs, the master bedroom, accessible by steps apperantly taken off of the Mayan pyramids. Steps so steep I made Dominic carry Piper back down, and I nearly fell with the baby. The garage was huge, but dirty. I would definitely recommend if they want to move that house, they need to make it a bit friendlier. Clean a bit, put a few plants around. It was not what we need.

We'll look at another house in Minnapolis on Tuesday. The guy said it's a much nicer neighborhood. It's another 2 bedroom, but for the price, we would take it.

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