Monday, September 27, 2004

Our New Minivan

Okay, so it's only new to us. It's a 1998 Ford Windstar. But we're so excited. I can't tell you how much we missed being a two car family. Now we have room for all our kids! Eventually we'll have to get one of those 9 seaters or something, but for now this will do. Here are the pics:

Daddy puts the kids in the van

Our new van goes to the park

My view. I can see Bridget in her little mirror, while Reagan and Piper hang out in the back.

That's my seat. And very comfy, too! Dominic is very happy to have the Hyundai all to himself. And I feel like such a mom. If you'd told the all-black-wearing-too-much-eyeliner-on-Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show-attending-Liberal-teenager I used to be that I'd now be a happy Catholic Minivan driving mom, I'd have never believed you!

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