Monday, September 06, 2004


I'm almost afraid to talk about it, for fear that it won't happen, but I desperately need some prayer. A friend of Dominic's at work gave a Real Estate Agent our number. With a bankruptcy not far behind us, and some financial difficulties around the time of Bridget's birth (hard to work while on bedrest!) I really didn't expect us to qualify for anything. But apperantly this guy can get anyone financed. He's seen our credit report and believes that he can get us a $160,000 loan. Plus my parents offered to give us some money for the down payment around the first of the year.

I started looking on-line at how much house we can get for that kind of money, and it turns out, quite a bit. We can get a 3+ bedroom house in Minneapolis, definitely, if the financing comes through. We might have to go to month to month lease here for a couple of months before being able to move in, but there is a really good chance that we could actually do more than rent, we could buy! I'm excited and scared to death at the same time. Maybe I won't be scared once I know someone is willing to finance us.

I'm praying that this is God opening the door on a house for our family. Please help and pray for us!

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