Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What's Up With Michigan?

Okay, yesterday's blog post was an answer to a letter written in a Michigan paper. I found this today, which was regarding a terrorist drill in Michigan. Who were the terrorists, you ask?
"The exercise will simulate an attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled. Under the scenario, a bomb is placed on the bus and is detonated while the bus is traveling on Durham, causing the bus to land on its side and fill with smoke."

Terrorist homeschoolers who in order to make sure that all the kids are homeschooled BLOW THEM UP! Huh? Who do they think homeschoolers are? I, personally, don't care if you want to PS your kids, I just don't. What's up with all the homeschool hate? Why are PS's so hostile?

Also, homeschoolers are a minority group. Do you think for one instant that the schools could have used a religious or racial minority? No way. I guess homeschoolers are the new group to promote hate against. Watch out, next week it'll be "Disneyland annual passholders who blow up Knott's Berry Farm in order to get everyone worshiping at the feet of the Big Black Mouse"! Oh, yes, Annual Passholders, you're next! <wink>

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