Monday, October 25, 2004

Another Day In School

I heard this woman on the radio the other day who has written a book called "A Mother's Rule of Life". It's described as Flylady with a Catholic spin. I definitely want to read it. She talked about homeschooling 5 children and being completely overwhelmed. I only have 3 and I'm totally overwhelmed. I do manage to keep my house clean, but that's pretty much it. So, I set up a working schedule for myself based on some of the things she talked about. I don't know if what I did is what she had in mind, but now I actually have time for prayer, scripture, kids, school, and even Dominc. Imagine such a thing!

This schedule has been helping us keep on task, and get schoolwork done. In addition to our other work today we read about how God dresses a duck and even managed a Science experiment! It involved rubbing oil into a paper bag and then observing how the water beaded on it. It represented how preening helps oil a duck's feathers and keep him waterproofed.

Reagan is plowing ahead in his religious studies, and we ended up having this conversation about St. Anne and who she was, which led to talk about Mary and the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. I love being able to explain and share these things with him on his level.

I've found that my protestant friends don't understand the Catholic interest in Mary. They see her as special, but not as important as we think she is. At one time I didn't much understand it myself. Protestants see devotion to Mary as taking your eyes of the prize. They believe that devotion to Mary takes away from devotion to Christ. What I've learned as a Catholic is that Mary only wants us to become closer to her Son, and that the more we know about her, the more we understand about our Lord. She was more than just an incubater for Jesus. She was the Tabernacle. The ark of the New Covenant. That's an incredibly special position.

Anyway, Reagan and I have been discussing all of these things along with baptism, the catechism, and prayer. Thanks to this new schedule I have us on, I really feel like we're getting things accomplished. I'm his teacher again!

There was an interesting discussion on the radio today about Halloween and if it's appropriate to celebrate as a Christian. Sounds like a good topic for another post...

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