Saturday, October 30, 2004


Reagan started reading "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" today. I wondered if he would be able to read it himself, but he's not only reading it, he's reading it well! He's progressing in all of his subjects, and I'm so pleased by his desire to learn and do well.

I've become increasingly frustrated by Catholics who were blessed enough to be raised in the Church, and yet have NO understanding of what they believe or why they believe it. I'm not sure if it's a lack of desire to learn it on their part, or a lack of teaching on the part of the Church. But it's as if they told a whole generation of people as little as possible and left them utterly unable to defend the Faith. The catechesis is simply non-existant for so many that I have met.

Maybe it's the passion of a convert that moves me presently, and if so, that's fine with me. I am determined that my children will not only know what they believe, but why, and where to find evidence to back it up. Right now that starts with basic catechesis. We work on catechism questions every day. We make time to pray the rosary, and the chaplet of the divine mercy. We talk about everything, and questions are encouraged. Occasionally I don't know the answer. When we look things up, my own faith deepens. You can't beat that.

Reagan: I think being Catholic is something very important, because I could grow up to be a Priest. And I learn about God every day as a Catholic. I like it. The reason I like it is because my mom teaches me and it makes me feel like I'm loved. I am loved by God and my family.

Teaching our children about their faith not only increases their knowledge that they are loved by God, but that they are loved by their parents who care enough about them to teach them about the eternal. We have an obligation as parents to educate, and to help our children discern thier vocations. We must meet it.

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