Sunday, October 17, 2004

Fall Harvest Orchard

What a great time we had today! We were up early and tried to be on the road on time. But it was an average Basso morning and involved me getting all the way to the gas station before realizing I'd left my wallet at home. So, after getting gas, cash, and a hefty dose of caffeine (Thank you Diet Coke!) we were headed out to Delano Minnesota to the Fall Harvest Orchard. It was an hours drive, made much easier by a minivan, but we made it without incident. Click on the photo below to see the pictures I took.

What a beautiful place. It was darned cold, but really beautiful. We started with a wagon ride where our group was shown different kinds of corn and what they're used for, gourds, and even popcorn! It was a family farm, and the farmer seemed to really enjoy the kids. He actually employs homeschooled kids to help on the farm during the year. I guess they're the only ones free to do so during the day. The kids were allowed to pick a couple of ears of popcorn and a gourd. They've have turned into a lovely mantlepiece fall decoration since they have to dry until Christmas before we can cook them.

Then we were allowed to wander the farm. We fed animals, petted the calf, held chicks, petted the cat, played in a house made of hay, ate lunch, played in pits of corn, picked apples and pumpkins, and unloaded fresh squash. The best part was going into the henhouse to find fresh eggs. I've had a lot of eggs in my day, but never so fresh they were still warm. The kids loved that. We spent hours there, and probably could have spent hours more, but my kids get tired, and did I mention it was cold? As we drove home I couldn't get my legs warm. I finally decided that I was cold to my bones, and the just wouldn't warm up.

I had about an hour at home before taking off again and heading to a friends house for an Usborne book party. That was really fun. I love Partylite, but as a homeschooling mom it might be better for me to be an Usborne consultant. Our family would use the merchandise a lot more than candles.

Today's field trip was the kind of thing I live for as a homeschooler. This is one of those endless reasons I've wanted to do this.

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