Sunday, October 17, 2004


Well, it didn't take long for Bridget to bite me. My initial reaction was to pull her off and say "OUCH. No biting!" Hope that works.

We went to Mass this evening. The message was all about perserverance. I know that there are many ways to apply perserverance to my own life. Here's my list:

1) Study: I have only begun to wade in a sea of knowledge and thought about scripture and Catholic teaching. From the earliest Church fathers, to the writings of our wonderful Pope, I have so much to learn. I must continue to read and educate myself both for personal reasons and as an example to my children.

2) As an advocate for the unborn. While it is difficult to do sidewalk counciling now while my children are small, I must perservere in prayer and speak the truth in love while I wait for the opportunity to join the front lines again.

3) As a patient mother. If there's anything I got from my Celtic background, it's a fiery temper. I am easily frustrated and have a tendency to take that out on those that I love. I must continue to work to be the kind of mother my children can be proud of, that my daughters would wish to emulate, and that my son would wish to provide for his own children.

4) In my quest to be a submissive wife. This one was so much harder than I ever realized. I have such a deep respect for my husband. And he deserves a wife that shows off what an amazing person he is. He takes the leadership of this family very seriously and I must be willing to let him take that position as it is rightfully his. I think my temper and my upbringing make that difficult, but I will continue to fight myself on it.

5) As a child of God. The more I read about the lives of the Saints, the more I am inspired to follow God. I must perservere even when I don't feel like it, and trust God to carry me. I know that God has great plans for my life, even if it is only within these walls. I must trust in Him and never give up.

Dominic and I sat together tonight and watched a documentary on Pope John Paul II. He is an inspiration. I am so grateful to have come to the Church while he is still the Pope. This combined with Mass and praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy has left me feeling very close to Christ. That makes for a great ending to my day.

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