Thursday, October 21, 2004

Playgroup With Reagan Math

We had a lovely morning at playgroup. Due to the chilly weather, we have moved inside a local church, the space generously donated by the congregation of one of our members. I think it will work our quite well for us this winter. I really like the kids in our group, and parents too. It's so nice to spend time with these women.

This afternoon Reagan and I got down to work. He got a 97% on his Math test, and 100% on his Spelling quiz. I figure if he knows all the words on the quiz, there's no point in testing him the next day. The score just counts and we can move on. With the Math, he missed a word problem and I realized that we need to talk about keywords in word problems. The question involved a child purchasing two items and figuring out how much he'd spent. Reagan really thought it should be a subtraction problem, not realizing that the word "and" indicates addition. I think we'll talk about that tomorrow. We also finished up our first Unit in Science and will now move on to the body. I've got some books and a film reserved at the library, so that should be fun.

We finished "James and the Giant Peach" tonight. What a fun, fun book. Now I'm looking to start something new. We'll see what we get first from our hold list at the library.

I've got my flylady routines done, my master bedroom all clean, no lady beetles in my window today (a big problem right now here in MN as there's an Asian breed that's been introduced which has no natural enemies), all the kids are in their own beds to sleep, all in all a highly productive day. I've even completed my scripture reading and am deep into the Marian book I'm reading.

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