Friday, October 15, 2004

Rainy Days and New Teeth

I'm so glad we did the farm yesterday as it rained all day today. Our fresh-from-the-chicken's-bum eggs made a great big omlette this morning. Though I think we'll have to put off pumpkin carving until the rain stops.

We went to Ikea as I figured it wouldn't be too crowded with it being a rainy day, and I picked up a set of frying pans (someone in my house keeps using metal on ours until they're destroyed) and a pad to go under the futon in the kids room. The kids have on of those bunk beds that's a twin on top but a couch/double bed futon on the bottom. It doesn't like to stay up in the couch position. And it makes it hard for the kids to sit on when it's slid halfway onto the floor. I put a non-skid pad under it like we have for the rug in the kitchen, and it seems to be pretty effective so far.

Tonight I made a wonderful discovery. Bridget has FINALLY gotton a tooth to the surface. With my finger I felt the ridge of a brand new tooth along her bottom gums. She's worked very hard to get that out and I'm so excited. I wonder how long it will take her to bite me with it...

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