Sunday, November 21, 2004


There are about 50 good reasons why having a cold while you're pregnant, stinks. Not the least of which is the inability to take the medicines that actually help. My latest cold (made worse by the less reactive immune system given to women when they're pregnant to protect the baby from being attacked) has worked it's way into my chest where it causes uncontrollable coughing. Thus stimulating my over-reactive gag reflex and generally ticking me off. Not that the first trimester of pregnancy is all bad. Honest. I'm just annoyed.

I've started working evening shifts instead of night shifts, which is much easier on my body, and I enjoy the interaction with the residents, families, and co-workers. I feel very blessed that I really like my work.

I'm going to California for 5 days for Thanksgiving, but I've decided to hold off on sharing my joyfull news with my parents at this time. They won't be happy, and I'd like to have a nice holiday.

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