Monday, November 08, 2004

Days I Wish For The Big Yellow Bus

I think I've made it clear how much I love homeschooling. I'm proud of my children, excited about Reagan's progress, and I love that they're with me all day. But last year took forever, because I took time off for morning sickness and when Bridget was born. I was determined that this year would be different.

So, no sooner do I get us into a good schedule and get us moving on school, then I find out I'm pregnant again. I had already been fighting my symptoms and keeping us on track. But over the last week everything has changed. My energy level has bottomed out, my nipples are sore, Bridget is nursing more often and for longer (maybe decreased milk supply?) and it's just taking the life out of me. All I really want to do is sleep all day, but everyone needs me.

Reagan needs to be educated and stimulated. So does Piper. Bridget needs to be held and loved and nursed (a lot). Piper has discovered body art with pens and is into EVERYTHING and all I want to do is put a Barney tape on a continuous loop and go pass out. I feel completely overwhelmed and wish sometimes that the schoolbus would just stop and take Reagan to school.

But then, I don't, really. I'd miss him. I'd be worried about him at school. I'd be lost without his help at home. I'm taking really good vitamins which have helped a lot with the morning sickness. I've hardly had to take my Tigan, the vitamins have been so helpful! Now I just need my energy back! And a maid, a maid would be really nice.

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