Thursday, November 04, 2004

Please Pray For Our Baby

Well, I got a very good scare today. I discovered that I had vaginal bleeding. After freaking out for a couple of minutes, I called Jennifer, my doctor, and my husband. Oddly enough, in that order. Dominic came home to take me to the ER, and a good friend from my support group came and picked up Reagan and Piper since I figured that we could take the baby, but probably not all three.

I wasn't cramping, and I felt pretty good, but I went to the ER expecting the worst. After taking every possible fluid, and performing an ultrasound, we found out a lot. First of all we were able to date the prenancy, which was important considering I haven't been cycling (although all things considered I did think this was Dominic's anniversary present, and he thought he didn't give me anything!). I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and due June 30th. Baby's heart is beating and is holding on. But there is a problem. The placental edge has just pulled away slightly from the uterus, which is what caused the bleeding.

Baby looks good, it's not an ectopic pregnancy. My hormone levels are great, I'm not bleeding tonight, and those are good signs. But over the next few days this will either get better, or it will get worse and baby won't make it. We're praying hard, and we're asking everyone who reads this to pray along with us.

While I know that the Lord will use all things for his Ultimate Glory, I can't help but think that things work out very oddly sometimes. Here is this baby that I wasn't even expecting, or trying for, but now that it's here, my only job is to protect it and bring it to birth. I have to admit, while being excited, I've been very apprehensive about this pregnancy. Not anymore!


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