Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Back To School

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is beginning to fade away, Reagan and I have jumped back into schoolwork. And back into the same frustrations that have always plagued us, like frustration, and lack of concentration.

The trouble with homeschooling is that you know your children. You know their potential and can be frustrated when you don't see them applying themselves. It is also the blessing of homeschooling. If you have a child that needs more direction, you can give that in a way that a teacher can't with a whole classroom full of kids.

Right now I'm trying to explain the concepts of study and patience. I explained that we wouldn't yell at Piper for not being able to count to 20. She's only 2! And in order to learn things, you must put in the time. If he wants to learn his numbers in Spanish, he'll have to keep going over them until it gets easier. He has such high standards for himself. I have a hard time convincing him to cut himself some slack.

In any case, I'm grateful for the chance to be able to work with him, matching his strengths, building him up in his weaknesses. Homeschooling is a blessing.

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