Friday, December 03, 2004

Getting An Awesome OB

Okay, every woman wants the perfect OB. One who's attractive enough to make you want to go to appointments, but no so attractive you don't want to show him your stretch marks or saggy breasts. I have always thought warm hands were a bonus also. Nothing like getting that breast exam when your doctor feels like he just left a meat locker. But just what is reasonable to look for in an OB? "Pregnancy Sucks" gives a wonderful list. I think I'll go through hers, but give my own comments.

Which Doctor's Office Is Closer? Okay, while it's definitely nice to have a doctors office around the corner, I'd climb Mt. Everest if I could have the doctor of my dreams. It's something to consider, but not that important. Does He Have An In-House Ultra-Sound Machine? Alright this one I like. My second baby's OB had one of those and it was very reassuring to have a look at baby every other visit. But it's still not high on my list.

What's Your OB's Vacation Schedule? This is a good one. Now that you're having a baby the universe has shifted to revolve around you. While we pregnant women may understand our doctors need to get out now and again, not while OUR baby is being born, thank you very much! On the other hand, I've seen so little of doctors in the delivery room, I'm pretty sure the nurse could catch the baby if need be, and I wouldn't even notice that the doctor hadn't come.

How Far Do Some Patients Come To See Him? While this is a point of interest, I'm the woman at the center of the universe, and I don't particularly care how far anyone else comes. The only thing interesting about them is that they're pregnant like me. What Is His List Of Acceptable Medications? I like this one. I know some of you naturalist moms are taking a collective gasp, and while I would love to be the wise woman who knows the proper herb for everything, I'm not. While I'm pregnant I want easy meds. Whatever will make my myriad of issues bearable as I try to raise my other children. (My husband just insisted that I take the epidural as well. Gotta love a man who thinks ahead.)

What Magazines Does He Subscribe To? Interesting, but worthless. Bring a book.

Does He Practice In A Group Or As An Individual? This will be important to the type A personalities who want to be sure THEIR doctor will be there to deliver THEIR baby. I'm not a type A personality, and did I mention that doctors are like baseball catchers? They jump in at the last minute, throw on a mask and catch. 5 minutes later they're gone again (in a normal vag delivery, or at least mine) so I couldn't care less who comes in to catch as long as someone with a rudimentary knowledge of what to do shows up. More important to me is, will they be willing to follow my birth plan, is he covered by my insurance (I HATE dealing with insurance), and do I like him. I get a little testy when I'm pregnant. Generally, I've done well so far.

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