Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Home Again

Well, our trip home was pretty much the worst I've ever had. The skycap left us at the curb for so long that by the time we were in line to get through security, they were calling final boarding for our flight! After an exclamation of shock, everyone in line let me go ahead. So, our gate is all the way at the end, and I thought we'd be better off making a run for it. That would normally be true, only Piper decided she didn't want to walk anymore! I was practically having a breakdown as I dragged my kids to the gate yelling, "We're here!". We were the last ones to board. Then on the plane Piper's illness which had earlier been the upchucking, now moved to the other end. Thank HEAVEN I had a change of clothes for her in my bag, since I normally don't. On top of that Bridget has come down with something, possibly the flu, and her fever kept her cranky during all awake moments on the flight.

My saving grace yesterday was that I knew a few people on the plane who helped me, and Reagan was wonderful. He was helpful, cheerful, and obedient. You can't beat that on a bad day.

My dad bought a new car while we in town. An 8 passenger Toyota Sienna, so he can cart our family around. Right now it will fit our whole family and my parents. When the new baby comes, though, it won't anymore. I think he knows it's too good to last, but he's not yet been informed about the baby.

My mom did find out about the new baby on this trip. I'd mistakenly left my emergency room hand out in a book that I lent her, and she asked me about it. I think it was providence, since it opened a door for me to tell her all about the pregnancy, the miscarriage scare, and why I was afraid to tell them about it. I love the meds she's taking, because she was wonderful. She said all the right things. She was supportive, kind, and I couldn't have been happier that she was my mom.

So, while my kids got sick on this trip (Piper was even kind enough to get in our bed and throw up on it) and I didn't get to do much, I'm still counting it as a good trip.

Since my house is a mess, my kids are sick, and I didn't get enough sleep last night (cause if Bridget doesn't sleep, mommy doesn't sleep) I'm still counting this as a good day, too. I mean LOTR Return of the King Extended Version came out today!

Sci-Fi/Fantasy geeks everywhere, we in the Basso house salute you.

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