Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Another day has simply flown by. The kids are all another day older, and miraculously still love me. I did more Christmas shopping, got the car fixed, and really started looking forward to Christmas Mass.

There are few times that the church looks as lovely as it does at Christmas. For Christians, I think it brings out the best in us. The Christ-child being born is in some ways like any child being born. It is a time of hope, of new beginnings, and of introspection.

I've been having a wonderful time surfing blogs at Blog Explosion. There is a whole world outside of my little corner, and it's wonderful to tap into other points of view. I have especially loved reading blogs from the UK. Maybe it's because it's Christmas and I can't find Christmas crackers in Minnesota! If I wanted to serve Ludefisk, I'd be set, but that's not exactly my heritage. Christmas is silly paper hats, useless toys, and the sound of everyone at the table cracking open these silly little things.

Some things I have read have hurt me deeply. Like the woman having an abortion so she can continue being a mom to her 15 year-old autistic son and sleeping with her latest random guy, while calling it family values. Or over and over again having people point out that this isn't a Christian nation, therefore Christians shouldn't be voting their faith. I think I have a right to vote in accordance with my beliefs, even though others disagree with me. I wonder if these people understand what true faith is, if they think it can be so easily set aside.

This season is leaving me grateful, tired, and ready for a month long nap. And of course, ready to jump back in to school. I signed up for a number of freebies, and as they come in Reagan and I will have some wonderful educational projects.

I am fortunate to have my faith, my children, my husband, my marriage, and my life. Especially when I'm feeling sad for no good reason, I must remember that.

Thank you to all my readers who've supported me so much. Blogging started as a way to keep track of what we were doing with school. Now, it is so much more, and I feel connected to a network that I would have never known of otherwise.

Anyway, enough of this. I should go clean the kitchen!

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