Friday, December 31, 2004

A Look Back At 2004

What a year this has been. Full of blessings, sorrow, fear, and joy. It's interesting sometimes to look back and think about it.

Last January, Grace was lost due to triploidy. No, she wasn't my baby. But considering I'm not closer to another person (with the exception of my husband) than I am to Grace's mother, I too felt her loss. Jennifer has shown me over and over again throughout our years of friendship what it means to follow God. While her faith was not left unshaken, her rock and her foundation held firm. She became my inspiration once again.

February brought us Bridget. After 12 hours of labor, our beautiful 6 lb. 2 oz. girl came into the world.

Later that Winter my brother-in-law whom we loved, lost his battle with Leukemia, and passed away leaving behind my sister, and two young children. He is still missed.

Spring came, and with it, the news that my mother had found a lump in her breast. This one was different, and was diagnosed as cancer. After having lost George so recently, it scared us all.

Spring also brought the end of Friends. I know, I know, but it was a tradition back in college to get together on Thursday nights, watch Friends, crochet (cause we were old ladies stuck in 18 year-old bodies), then we'd head to Starbucks, pick up a latte, and be home in time to watch ER! To celebrate the end of Friends, I went to visit Jennifer in Colorado. She was joyously pregnant again, and we all just knew this baby was going to be fine.

That Summer my mom bravely had a mastectomy, preferring life without a breast to months of torture on chemo and radiation. Then she and my dad went to England and Scotland. God love her! The only thing better would have been if they'd brought me Smarties. Try finding British candy in Minnesota. No really. Because if you can, I want the address!

Fall brought the election. And my candidate won though not with the help of my state. Election day also brought the news that I'm pregnant again. Our next baby will come in June, and we will rejoice as a family, even if my initial reaction wasn't exactly ecstatic. I was a little surprised.

Now here we are back in Winter again, another Christmas, another New Year. And I can't think of a better end to the year than with the birth of baby Alexander to Jennifer and Mark. Even as tragedy rages in another part part of the world, joy still comes in tiny packages. He's beautiful and strong and healthy. And even though I haven't met him yet, I already love him. And I'm so happy for his parents. I'm looking forward to Sunday when I get to meet him, finally.

Thank you Lord, for your many blessings. Help us to follow you, even when the way is dark. Be our light, and our guide in all things. Amen.

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