Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Mighty Wind

One of the less talked about things in pregnancy is gas. I think it's less talked about because we're generally so emberassed by it. With my first child my friends would roll down the windows when they drove with me. With Piper it was one of my first pregnancy symptoms, not something my husband was thrilled about. Now that we're on the fourth baby, I just turn my cannon away from my dh during the night so I don't blast him!

One of the main reasons for this wonderful change is the slow in the digestion process. Apparently in order for your body to suck every last nutrient from your (or my) junk food, the whole digestion thing stops going at it's usual pace and slows to a snail's crawl. The side effect (besides feeling uber-bloated) is gas. Smelly, rock-the-house gas. Oh, and it doesn't go away for your entire pregnancy!

Some people recommend changing your eating habits to combat the Big Breeze, but I haven't found any food to be particularly helpful. Although I did find that eating beans made things far worse. My best advice is to learn to ignore yourself. Polite people will also ignore you also. And if (like me) you have a young boy in your house who can't ignore it, really, it only makes you incredibly cool. Anyone who can let loose like I can has a sort of celebrity, and I'll take it!

*late note* I've made several corrections to this post as apparently I wrote it to late at night to be bothered by little things like spelling and grammar, or even coherent sentences. My apologies. And if you notice anything else, blame the pregnancy brain.

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