Thursday, December 16, 2004


I spoke to another pediatrician today (mine is off vacationing in Sunny Mexico) who informed me that the diagnosis for Bridget is NOT a bladder infection, but a KIDNEY infection. Yippee. So, while we wait for the sensitivity results of her C&S another IM dose of Rocephin was due. Which meant another hour in the office, followed by crying and more waiting to make sure she doesn't have any sort of allergic reaction.

Piper is still exploding, and my morning involved washing her sheets and giving her a shower. But she drank a whole quart of pedialyte, so I feel good about that. Then in a moment of mommy not paying attention, Piper found the Bag Balm* and used it like gel for her hair. Bag Balm is an ointment, not a cream. So Piper recieved her second shower of the day before noon. And her hair is still greasy. Maybe dish washing liquid will take that out.

I feel like another day is gone and so little has been done. Granted, it's hard to get much done when your baby can hardly stand to be put down. But still, I feel a bit useless. I think I'll go clean now, while most of the kids are sleeping.

*My mom was given Bag Balm when she was pregnant with me, back in 197??? and was struck dumb (an unusual state for my mother). Bag Balm is a product initially developed to treat cow udders. But it turns out that cow udders and human skin are remarkably similar. Her friend who gave her the gift of the little green tin, told her to use it on diaper rash. She nodded politely and promptly put it away somewhere. Then she came to find that the local high school swim team used it for rashes caused by their swim suits. Well, apparently I got a diaper rash that would make a grown man cry, and out of desperation my mom finally tried the stuff. The rash disappeared overnight! We've never been without it, since. It's taken with us even when we travel. It's like a miracle ointment. You just have to make sure skin is both clean AND dry before using it. In any case, now that it's available from places other than feed stores, my mom gives it to EVERY expectant mother she comes across. She's sort of like the Philips MOM lady popping up with it and touting it's benefits. But, that's my mom! It's where I get my glowing personality!

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