Monday, December 20, 2004

Off For December

Well, a couple of weeks ago I decided to justify our lack of schooling in December by declaring that December was our month off. Since we school year round, I don't think a month off is going to make much of a difference.

It's amazing how a day can get away from you with a bunch of kids. We have Karina for Christmas this year, which is wonderful. She's 12, and I can leave her in charge for a few minutes if I have a quick errand. So, I ended up having to take Dominic to work this morning (so much ice, he couldn't open his car) and then I stopped at the store. Later, while making fudge, I had to run out to the store again, and it was wonderful to not have to pack a bunch of kids in and out of the car to do it.

But it seems that the day has just run away from me. And now Christmas is less than a week away, and I still haven't finished my shopping! Heck, I think the whole month has run away from me!

In any case, I'd blog about more important things that have been bothering me lately, from my inadequacies as a Catholic mom (I don't know half the cool things to do that the cradle Catholic moms do!), to my frustration over the Terri Schiavo case (a lot of people don't know the things that have happened in that case!), to my love of babies and hate of pregnancy, to my frustration over people who don't think that Christians should vote and act politically according to their values (since their Christian). But these things will have to wait, at least until tomorrow. Because I haven't got two brain cells to rub together. And I have a cake to frost, hair to wash, and a husband to pick up from work before a party tonight. And did I mention the state of my kitchen?

Ah, the life of a housewife! :-)

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