Sunday, December 05, 2004

Pregnancy and "The Girls"

One really nasty early effect of all those wonderful baby-making hormones is really painful breasts. I can remember when I was pregnant with Reagan, I'd roll over in the morning and wake myself up. Just moving them hurt so much, it'd bring tears to my eyes.

With Piper my breasts got big. In fact it was my first sign of pregnancy. All of a sudden I couldn't fit my breasts into my bras! I'll tell you, I knew my husband really loved me when he went to Victoria's Secret on Christmas Eve at the mall to buy me a new bra, during the semi-annual bra sale. You can't get a more brutal environment. The upside was that they didn't hurt quite as much with the second pregnancy.

With my third pregnancy, pain would come and go. What I noticed most was sensitivity. My husband noticed too. He wasn't thrilled. It does seem like a bit of payback for all we bear during pregnancy. Our breasts are never more attractive to our husbands, and generally, they're not allowed anywhere near them!

Now I have the experience of pregnancy and breastfeeding at the same time. That was incredibly painful. I've heard women say that their children seemed rougher at the breast during pregnancy, but I think they're just WAY more sensitive! So, remember your good friend Tylenol. I'd recommend a shot of whiskey, but with both pregnancy AND breastfeeding, I think it's a no-no.

Eventually the size of the now painful breasts will no longer be such a big deal. Those knockers will seem like peas in comparison to your gigantic belly. Yipee.

I do agree with other, more proficient writers on the subject, that one must care for the breasts to a greater degree when pregnant. Some women don't recommend underwire, but I'm thoroughly convinced that if I don't have underwire, they'll actually hang to my toes (did I mention I'm on baby #4?). So for me, underwire rules. And you want a bra big enough to accomodate, but not so tight you hurt yourself.

There's nothing you can do about "The Girls" at the moment. It just hurts. I guess it's prep for parenthood. Maybe pregnancy itself. The breasts find out your pregnant, get all excited and start working, only to find out they have to just sit around and wait for nine months. Yup, sounds like me too.

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