Monday, December 06, 2004

Where Did My Patience Go?

There are times when I flit through my day, singing Disney songs, and playing with the birds and squirrels who come to my window. The children are well behaved, well dressed, and well mannered. I lay my head down at night feeling satisfied at what I have accomplished, and I know that my children are better for having been in my home for the day. Okay, maybe it's not that perfect, but it's pretty good.

Today was not one of those days. Bridget was up half the night fighting with another tooth. So this morning I was dead on my feet. Dominic has an intestinal bug that I was hit with last week, and needs cared for. I stayed in my pajamas all day. Though eventually I did take a shower and put on clean pajamas. Piper's been screaming since we came home from the Grandparents house, and suddenly I found myself yelling back to stop it. We haven't gotten any school done in over a week. Since I'm up all night with Bridget and her teeth, I have no energy for education.

In short, I feel like a total failure. It's cold and gloomy out. I'm not a good mother or a good teacher. At least I smell good.

This is the time for prayer, right? I know God doesn't ask anything of us that He isn't willing to do himself. And I know He manages a lot more rebellious and unruly children than I do. I just think I need a little boost of the traits that allow Him to be such a wonderful Father. Days like this really do make me wonder how people handle life without faith.

I'm going to McD's for a milkshake AND a sundae!

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