Sunday, January 02, 2005

All's Well

Well, I recieved a diagnosis last night. Sub-chorionic bleed. Apperantly I may bleed at times throughout this pregnancy, and as long as it stays within certain limits, baby and I will be fine. Scared the heck out of me though. And I as getting paid double time for working a holiday!

Today I was supposed to go and visit Jennifer and the baby in California, but my flight overfilled and I couldn't get on. So, I'm still here in wintery Minnesota, but we'll all be able to go next weekend, so I still wont have to wait too long.

I'm having doubts, I suppose they're average doubts for a homeschooling parent, about my ability to teach Reagan what I want to teach him. I see these parents who have their kids reading Shakespeare, and competing in Spelling bees, and learning Latin and Greek, and I just wonder how to get to that point. The classical approach hasn't worked tremendously well for us. Reagan is easily bored by repetition and memorization. I want learning to remain exciting for him, and am struggling for ways to do that. I especially want to emphasize reading, both of books and scripture, as a way to learn and understand the world. Maybe I need to look into Charlotte Mason.

I also need Reagan to not feel put out by being asked to take part in his education. Compared to the amount of time other kids spend on school, he really gets off easy. We're able to complete his lessons in a relatively short amount of time. I think we need attitude work. And I'm not completely sure how to approach that either. But I think removal of the TV and focus on family and school for a while is a very good idea.

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