Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Couple of Cool Pics

First off, my girls are becoming really close, which I like. But for at least the last 5 nights we've been unable to get Piper to go to sleep in her bed. When we leave, she climbs into the crib with Bridget and they fall asleep together. I worry about that, but it is adorable. Once we find them, we put Piper back to bed in her own bed. But of course, I've gotten a couple of pictures.

And since we were at the hospital the other night, I thought I'd share the cool ultrasound pic they gave us. If you can see it, baby is lying down, head to the left side. The near arm is up behind the head, and the far hand is resting on the forehead. Do I have another drama queen in my future?

Isn't that a beautiful baby?

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