Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Media And Socialization

Quoting from this site:

Moreover, I'm not convinced homeschooling's the answer, no matter how compelling John Holt's theories are. Sure, it might be wonderful to mold the minds of American youth right there in your living room, but this really becomes yet another staggering responsibility falling squarely on, in most cases, Mama's shoulders. And don't tell me the lack of socialization with others doesn't take its toll on these kids' psychological development.

So, here's another error found in yet another publication. Journalists are taught to check their sources, check their facts, and only state things that they can prove. Editorialists on the other hand seem to have no such mandate. Editorialists can print whatever they'd like, write it as fact, and people all over will believe it. Because it's published.

I urge people to do the research for themselves. The truth is that, while some children may not get enough positive socialization while being homeschooled, many public children don't get enough positive socialization either. Again, all social interaction is not equal. My children not only get social time with kids thier own age, but children of other ages, and people of all ages wherever we go.

And while it may, in some families, be a responsibility that falls on moms shoulders, it seems to me that many moms in our culture are just desperate to get out of child rearing duties. We moms who take on the role of a homeschooling parent, love it! We love seeing our children grow and develop. I don't see that as a drawback to homeschooling. I see it as a plus.

I wish some times that the editorialists would do just a smidge of research about homeschooled kids before writing these pieces.


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