Friday, January 28, 2005

The Mother Cold

My blogging has been a bit off lately, as I've come down with the mother of all colds. I can't remember which of the girls got it first, but it's been passed around all the kids, and now I've got it too. I say I have it too, because no one is over it. I can't decide if yesterday or today is my worst day. Probably yesterday was a little worse, but they're pretty close. I have NO energy.

Thank Heaven I have a wonderful loving husband who came home yesterday instead of picking up hours. He came home and ordered me to put on jammies and get in bed. He fetched water, he made dinner, he did laundry, he vacuumed, and he got kids all ready for bed. He's the best.

So, we haven't had school in nearly a week. No one is up to it. Thank goodness we make rapid progress when we do school, because if we didn't, we'd really get behind.

So amid snuffles and coughs, noseblowing and wiping, we're managing to get by. But I'd really like to be healthy soon!

Say a prayer for us!

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