Friday, January 07, 2005

Pre-Natal Yoga

Even though this is my fourth pregnancy, I am always surprised by how caught up in the process I become. I find myself looking at pregnancy websites, perusing my old pregnancy books, and wanting to chat with other pregnant women about all of our changes.

With this pregnancy I really wanted to stay in shape. Let's face it, after 3 kids I have virtually no pelvic floor tone, and flexibility is non-existant. So, this time I borrowed Jennifer's pre-natal yoga tape.

Now, I've done yoga before. With questionable success. I say questionable, because if you consider a heap of crying frustrated woman successful, then I rocked. But, if you consider actually doing the poses or completing the tape successful, then I stunk. This tape is different.

This tape I actually completed for the first time last night (it was my fourth try). It's about 50 minutes long and specifically focuses on poses that are beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth. I'd heard about people achieving a sence of peace and relaxation during yoga, and I thought they were lying. But last night I actually got there.

Now, don't get me wrong. The tape still kicks my butt. And I'm not exactly graceful to begin with, but put me in an awkward yoga pose, and not only am I prone to falling over, I'll bet dollars to donuts I look downright silly. But I did it, and it felt really good. Hopefully I'll begin developing balance, strength, and endurance. Definitely qualities to be used in motherhood.

Oh, and you know that you're allready a mom when your yoga props are a toy dog carrier (my block) and a ringed sling (my strap). Hey! They worked!

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