Tuesday, January 04, 2005

These Dreams

Everyone dreams. Everyone. Even if they can't remember them. There are the run of the mill dreams, the naked dreams,the dreams where you're trying to run and can't, and of course, the pregnancy dreams. Pregnancy dreams are almost a completely different animal. First of all they're incredibly intense, and second of all they're bizarre!

Early in my pregnancy with Reagan I had dreams that he was born, but that I was unable to take him home from the hospital, because I had no carseat. I ended up buying our carseat/stroller pretty early in my pregnancy, since I just KNEW that if I did, I'd stop having that dream. It totally worked, by the way.

So the carseat dream was replaced by the carseat-on-top-of-the-car dream. In this one I would leave him on top of the car and drive off. I swear I would never actually do such a thing. But that one was bad. There was also the dream where I gave birth in a really big chair at my parents house. And I was wearing a muumuu with Birkenstock's and my son's other grandma and aunt were my midwives, who were pregnant also, and living with me. Weird.

But the dream de resistance was that he was born a banana sheet cake. I didn't know why he was a banana sheet cake, but he was mine, and I was going to protect him. I was desperately afraid that he'd get wet and fall apart. I was also a little disappointed that he wasn't a baby. What strikes me about the dream is that it was so specific. He wasn't just a cake, he was a banana sheet cake. That one is still my favorite.

With my subsequent pregnancies my dreams haven't revolved so much around my inability to parent. Now they're just vivid and wierd. Totally different than non-pregnant dreams. Sometimes just in the detail.

My best advice is to just accept them as bizarre and move on. You can't stop them, and analyzing them will seriously make you crazy. I think it would be great to write them down and make stories out of them. Then we could share them with each other and convince each other that we're not insane. At least not any more than the next pregnant woman.

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