Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Day

It was a busy day today. We jumped back into lessons with Reagan really starting to understand his Math work. That certainly made me happy. Of course, he also told me two fibs today which made me very unhappy. We sat down tonight and talked about what it means to lie, how it hurts people, and what his fears are of telling me the truth. In the end, he's afraid of getting into trouble. But the punishments he fears are punishments he's never received, nor will he ever receive them. We also talked about how sometimes, doing the right thing is hard. In the end, being a good person is worth more than getting out of a little bit of trouble. I also reminded him that I'm on his side, his team, and that he needs to trust me with the truth.

I've been catching up on my blog and news reading. Sometimes I get to the end of the day and so many issues have caught my eye, I feel unable to pull it all apart and digest it intellectually. I've also felt a bit lost lately in my walk. Not my walk with God, but my walk as a woman.

We as women are incredibly multifaceted. I have a great sense of humor. I love to sing in the shower. I'm fascinated by history, and historical places. I love children. I listen to They Might Be Giants. There are so many pieces that make up who I am. I found when I studied nursing that the body is wonderously created to work in a certain way. Now, as I study what it is to be a woman, a Christian and Catholic woman in particular, I'm finding that women are wonderously created to have certain commonalities, despite how different we can be. So, how do I best fit into the role that God has carved out for me? I have decided that it is a life long learning experience, but not one that is hopeless. As I grow in wisdom and knowledge, I hope to grow into that role. What is frustrating for me is that I am also a woman of little patience. I suppose I'll have to trust God to help me with that virtue.

I wonder if pregnancy makes me more introspective and restless than usual. If so, perhaps there is a reason for me to be pregnant, and one more reason for me to look forward to it being over.

Please excuse any typing, spelling, or grammatical errors. I simply lack the energy to proof read or even run a spell check. I think maybe it's past my bedtime.

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