Monday, February 14, 2005

It's A Girl, Again!

On this day a year ago, we welcomed baby Bridget into our family. She was born at 1.10 am and was absolutely gorgeous. Since then she has found her little niche in our family, and has been loved by each of us.

Today I went in for my ultrasound and discovered that we are having another girl. I'm not broadcasting her name yet. My mom and dad know, but we'd like to keep something to ourselves for now.

I went crazy at Babies R' Us (thank you, Uncle Sam) and bought a high chair, a double stroller, and a new carseat for Bridget. I figured she was at an age where she needed a high chair, we can't feed her in the exasaucer forever. I needed the double stroller, and figure I'll need it even MORE with the new baby. My good friends offered me a side by side, but I think we really need a tandem since we go through airports and such all the time. And Bridget needed a new carseat. I didn't have another forward facing. Since she's 20 lbs. and one year, I figured it's time to move her up.

On a different note if anyone has any advice about fibbing, I'd love to hear it. Reagan really hurt my feelings this morning by lying to me about Piper. It hurts terribly to think that he doesn't trust me enough to tell me the truth. The life of a parent, huh? Guilt, guilt, guilt!

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