Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Message From Dominic

Many of you know Anne and my story. How we met. How we fell in love, but most of all, how we found our faith. Being born a Catholic, Ive always tried to get back to the faith I use to have as child, when you believed with your whole heart and soul, that God was there looking over you no matter what. Through most of my adult life Ive strayed away from that. I even came to point in my life when I shook my fist at him and said "I don't believe in you anymore!!" I probably could have gone my whole life bitter and angry at the world, but the Lord was kind enough to send me Anne.

I'm a private person and I don't make friends easily, in fact I've had the same 3 friends since I can remember. So I thought that this one time I would sit down and express how thankful I am for all the friends that Anne has. I could never understand her need for blogging, but now I understand why. So too all of you who have posted with words of encouragement and prayer, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Like I've said I don't have many friends, but through Anne I've met some wonderful people that I wouldn't have otherwise. Heather and Eric, Jennifer and Mark, Vanessa and Sean, and Katy. Im so blessed to have you in my life. At no time in my life have I ever had to face such a tragedy, but I remain strong in my faith, because of the Love I have for my wife and the love I have for my Lord. That he will see us throught this I have no doubt. I wish I could be as forgiving as Anne, but I guess I'm not as good a Catholic, because I hate, and I despise, and I loath. Never more than those who have posted with unkind words. I guess behind the faceless Internet, it's easy to be cruel and self righteous. I wonder if any of them would have to courage to face me and tell me those things. I wonder if I have the courgage to forgive. I dont know, but I can tell you this, If my wife asked me too I would.

I love my wife more than anyone on the this world, Thank you, all of you who I don't know, who I will never meet, I dont give my friendship easly, but I offer it you. Thank you for your Prayers and kind words. I will never forget.


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