Sunday, March 27, 2005

Back To Work

Tonight I went back to work. It was my first time back in almost three months. I hadn't been back since my last bleeding episode with Sarah. I was asked about her almost immediately. I wondered if I'd be okay at work. I didn't cry on her one month birthday, but I made up for it over the last couple of days. Lucky for me, the nurse role quickly took over and I was busy and did fine.

I've often thought that working with the elderly is such a gift to the caregiver. That it's a blessing. I had a resident last night who was lashing out at a nurse's aid. And I went in to help. I just kept holding her hands and reassuring her that she was all right. At one point she began getting angry with me, her grip tightening on my hands, but I just kept looking in her eyes and telling her that we were going to help her. Looking that deep into the eyes of a person who is confused always brings to mind the passage in scripture that reminds us "And the king will say to them in reply, 'Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.' " It's like I looked into her eyes and could see Jesus.

Taking care of a confused elderly person can be as frustrating as taking care of a toddler. Thinking of that scripture reminds me that Christ is there, and renews my patience. So, as we put this woman to bed, and she's clutching my hands, suddenly her face softened and she said, "You really are sweet." And that was my blessing. I have residents who teach me about History and faith. But sometimes I think it's the one's who are farthest from reality that teach me the most. They bless me with compassion. I can tell you honestly that I don't think I bring much to their lives. But they bring so much to mine. I was glad to be back at work and glad to be doing what I do. That doesn't always mean I'm little miss Mary Sunshine about going to work. But at least I picked the right profession.

If anyone can, please pray for Jennifer's dad. He's going downhill fast from the cancer, and we need a miracle.

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