Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter Vigil

They say Easter is to the Church year what Sunday is to the week. And I think it must be so. Since Sunday Mass fortifies me for the week, Easter fortifies me for the year. It's a great end. And there is no Mass so beautiful as the Easter Vigil.

The church starts quiet and dark, then the candles are lit, filling the church with light. We admit new members into the church body through baptism and confirmation, and we rejoice in the ressurection of Christ. Everything is so symbolic and beautiful. New life is coming to the earth just as Christ brings us new life. Spring is beginning. Jesus has come as the light of the world, just as the days are beginning to get longer.

It was a long service, and we're all ready for bed. But I feel filled with the joy of Easter. I still feel the loss of Sarah. I started to cry when I saw a new baby at church. And someone close to me is currently suffering from terminal cancer. But the joy of the resurrection filled me with a hope I have not felt lately. And I'm grateful.

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