Friday, March 18, 2005

Let It Snow

So, Jennifer is here visiting me, (God love her!) and today we could do nothing. It snowed from the moment we got up, until, well, no it's still snowing as I type.

Now, I am a California girl, which I believe I've made clear in numerous posts. And as much as I love Minnesota, I don't think I will ever get used to this. Reagan is set. He's ready to take out his sled and have at it. I, however, would prefer to hide indoors until, I dunno, June, maybe.

I want to show Jennifer Minnesota! I want to take her into the city. I want to drive over to Wisconsin (why not?). I want to take her to the bakery so she can buy these cookies she wants. But it has to stop snowing first. No, really, it had to stop. It's ridiculous.

In other news, my heart is breaking for Terri Schiavo. I'm still praying to St. Jude that there is some kind of miracle. There was last time they took out her tube, and I wont give up hope.

By the way, I don't mind feeding tubes, so please everyone know that I in no way, shape, or form wish to be starved to death. You know, just so we're clear.

On a happier note, it has been wonderful to have Jennifer here. We've been drinking tea, watching "A Room With a View" and "Pride and Prejudice" and generally enjoying the girlie things that we enjoy and that our husbands would never enjoy doing with us. On top of that, baby Alex is still small enough that I'm totally getting my baby fix.

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