Thursday, March 24, 2005

News From The Homefront

Well, it's Maunday Thursday, and we're busy busy busy.

We've completed a lot of schoolwork, including Spanish (can I get a "Yay, we haven't given up on Spanish"?). It seems a shame that my husband is a fluent Spanish speaker and yet our son sounds like he's from the Valley when he attempts to speak it. It's very sad.

I've spoken to our office here, and we'll be moving into a first floor apartment in June. No more bothering our neighbors, and a much bigger living room. It's all good. Well, except for the fact that we're moving. AGAIN!

I haven't had a breakdown in days, though I'm still thinking of Sarah often.

Dominic is forcing me to watch Buck Rogers. And it seems REALLY stupid to me. But I may just be in a bad mood. I haven't decided yet.

We have an Easter egg hunt later!

We're boiling eggs so we can make Easter eggs for ourselves!

Okay, I have nothing else, I'm all tapped out. I have wonderfully deep thoughts but I haven't the energy to even attempt to post them. So, I'll be much more interesting soon. Promise.

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