Saturday, March 19, 2005

Not So Restful

For a peaceful Saturday, we were very busy. We were all up and out of the house by 10 am. Jennifer and I took the kids on quite a road trip. We went to a bakery that she likes to get some cookies and bread, and then we drove with hot coffee in hand to Wisconsin. Neither of us had ever been, and neither one of us would probably go without a good reason. Since "we feel like it" is an excellent reason, we went. Then we came back, since after all, it's Wisconsin and we had nothing to do there.

I took her by the cemetary to see where Sarah is, but of course it was so covered in snow, it was hard to see much beside the pretty angel statue and the little bench. In any case, it was nice to visit, and it will be so pretty once Spring comes.

Then we went to the grocery store so that Jennifer could buy what she wanted to make a soup for dinner. The whole time we were listening to her iPod, and all of the music only she and I can listen to together. Everything from Abba to the Beatles to Swing to Musicals to Bluegrass. It was so much fun. Our poor children just had to suffer through it. Their mothers were singing at the top of their lungs and having a wonderful time.

This afternoon/evening was confession and Mass. I love Palm Sunday. The first part of the service was so joyful, I could almost feel the excitement of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem. Then of course we read about the Passion, and I remembered that I'm far more like Peter than Mary.

Tonight after the kids went to bed, we finished Pride and Prejudice. And I fell in love all over again with Colin Furth as Mr. Darcy. I associate completely with Elizabeth Bennet, and would jump right into the picture if I could. Oddly enough, Colin Furth is completely my type. A good pasty Englishmen, and hairless. That I ended up with a big hairy Mexican is very strange. Although, having never dated anyone who was not Latina before he met me, Dominic probably has the same thought. No, we are not eachother's type. Fortunately, I chose my mate because of his incredible heart. And we were made for eachother not based on hair or skin tone, but on something deeper and lasting.

It was such a long day, and I desperately need sleep. And maybe a nice long dream about Mr. Darcy. :-)

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