Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pictures Of Sarah

Warning: Pictures are posted!

Someone had asked if I was going to post some pictures of Sarah. I wasn't sure originally. She was born very early, and she was stillborn. I think she's beautiful, but I didn't know if anyone else would see her that way. Maybe they'd only see the problems with her head, or the redness of her skin. I remember her perfect face. A face that would have looked so much like Bridget's.

Finally, I did decided I did want to share her. I want people to know that she was real, that she was our daughter, and that we loved her. I hope these will show that.

Mommy and Daddy see Sarah for the first time, and know that she's gone.

Sarah with her rosary. Our friend bought this for her. I am so grateful for it now. When I really miss her and feel hopeless, I hold and pray with her rosary, and she feels closer somehow. You can see some of the problems with her head. Her meningecele doesn't look as bad from this angle, however.

I tried to smile, but I think the day still shows in my eyes. I love this picture, though.

I loved her so much. I still do.

Sarah and her bunny. It's so tiny. So was her hat. We still have everything.

I don't know if anyone else will look at her and see what I do. My peaceful, precious Sarah and her short time in my arms. Though, really, she was already in the arms of Jesus. I feel like I could tell you so much more about these pictures, and her tiny fingernails and her little folded up ears that I kept trying to unfold. I feel like I could tell you all about the blanket that was so soft, that she was buried in. But I don't think they mean so much to anyone but me. So, I'll just leave it here.

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