Thursday, March 03, 2005


Today was not as hard as yesterday. Which is, I suppose, a good place to start. I've been reading "A Mother's Rule of Life" (see right sidebar) and have begun to put my "Rule" into effect with good results. I was up, showered, kids fed and dressed, morning prayers said, scriptures read, prayers with kids said, house picked up, diapers changed, etc. all by 10 am! I was highly impressed with myself. Not difficult, really, since I've been such a stellar model of motherhood the last couple of weeks (ya, right).

Anyway, at that point we left to go visit our friend Katy. Katy was with us when Sarah was born, and we went not only to visit with her, and her awesome kidlets, but she also took over 80 pics with her digital camera when Sarah was born. I was jonesing for new pictures of her. We have well over 100 seperate shots of our star, and I'm grateful for every single one of them. They're all we have, and at this point I look at them at least daily.

Reagan stayed at their house to spend time with the kids and go to a Science class (gotta work school in there somewhere, right?) and the girls and I went home. It was wierd being without him. But I noticed that the house was quieter. And neater. And he tries to blame it all on Piper...

Then this afternoon I started cramping pretty intensely, and bleeding profusely (a good pad an hour) and this STUFF was coming out of me. I'm a nurse, and my ick factor is pretty high, but I was kinda icked out by it. Fascinated (wierd clinical side) but icked. I had a feeling I wasn't supposed to be doing this, (Yup, my assessment skills top notch) and sure enough the doctor wanted to see me right away. What is it about Dominic staying home sick from work when something goes wrong? Good husband! Thankfully, he kept the girls so I could go by myself to bleed at the ob's office. Woohoo!

Well, Sarah's placenta (it's not mine, she made it!) was stickier than they'd originally thought. They actually took some of it out of me. I know, the ick factor again. So now they've got me taking methergine (to make my uterus contract) and keflex (antibiotic, seems the darn thing was starting an infection, too, little bugger). So much for getting away from the cramping. Right along with it, I'm just going to take the advil. That methergine hurts!

So, on top of prayer for a man in Texas, sick friends, a dad and a kid with cancer, I've now added myself. "Please, Lord if Sarah's placenta could be a little less sticky, and if my body would just flush it out by itself, I'd really prefer NOT to have a D&C."

So, if anyone hasn't completely exhausted their prayer ration for me, I'd love a little one for this.

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