Monday, April 04, 2005

Anne & Kids In California

Ok so it took me like 20 minutes to figure out this blog thing so here it goes!

If your wondering about Anne, she and kids are in California, have been for about a week now. We all left on Tuesday which was probably the worst plane ride we've ever had as a family. I'll let Anne blog on all the details, but let me just say that my wonderful daughter Piper vomited on the passenger next to me. I came back a day later, and Anne and the kids were supposed to come back this Friday. Well I kinda forgot that this is spring break and flying on airline passes during this time, really isn't a great idea, mainly because theres no space for pass riders! So Anne and kids are pretty much stuck there and since I will be leaving this Thursday to see Karina again, I figured she should just stay out there and we'd all come back together.

Anne is going through blog withdrawals, and since she can't do it on Mom's computer she asked me to post. So I did! There!!! See I told you I could do it Honey.

I'm going to go make myself lunch now, oh yeah peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Again!!! and for Dinner? Mac and Cheese! Again!!! That Carl's Jr commercial wasn't lying. "Without us some guys would starve". No kidding!!! Maybe I should have paid attention when Grandpa tried to teach me how to cook. Oh well. McDonald's here I come. I miss you Honey!!! A lot!!!


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