Thursday, April 14, 2005

Random Thoughts

First of all, I was on the radio tonight. Colleen Hammond of Dressing with Dignity was on Relevant Radio tonight discussing her book about modesty in dress. I was really happy to hear them discussing the many advantages to us as women when we practice modesty in dress. I'd really like to read her book now.

We're still getting back into the groove. Our daily schedule is really helpful, but the time change is taking us a bit.

I had one Mommy join me for playgroup today, which was here outside. It's getting so pretty and nice out. This is when I love Minnesota the most. Everything is bursting into green and Spring is everywhere.

Bridget is pulling herself up all the time now. And I discovered a couple of new teeth, which explains why her cold was such a monster when we were in California. Poor baby. The only problem now is that she can stand up, but hasn't figured out how to sit down. So she'll stand clutching something until she gets really angry and starts yelling at us.

My husband is the best and I love him.

Piper needed a lot of time in the naughty chair today. I have to remember to take my own advice, and not allow her to speak to me in any way I wouldn't want her to speak to someone else. And pitching fits is not allowed. The naughty chair is REALLY effective for her. And it's always followed by an appology and a reminder of how I expect her to behave.

There's a ton of stuff that happened in California, and I'd love to talk about all of it. But I need more rest first. And I need to review the book I finished.


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