Sunday, May 15, 2005

An Attempt To End Snarkiness

It seems pretty easy to turn my blog into a battlefield. That was never the intent of this blog. This was a place for me to write about our experiences with homeschooling and family life. Of course, this has also been a place of amazing support and encouragement to me, and when everything happened with Sarah, I shared it here. Sometimes simply as an attempt to get my feelings out in a way that was healthy.

Obviously what happened to Jennifer, myself, and now to Julie is terrible and incredibly painful. I believe that most of the posters who were against my decision truly had the best motives and intentions, and some of them even had wisdom when framing their responses. Some of them didn't. There are some who phrased their responses with little regard for my trauma. I have no problem with those who disagree with me. I really don't. Even when they show no compassion and use false comparison and other logical phalacies when makeing their point. Disagreeing with the way someone chooses to deliver a message is not the same as attacking their character. I think I need to devote an entire post to the importance of delivering truth with love.

As a final note, I always kick myself when I think of something I've written later, and wish I had found a kinder way of saying it. Sarah's death is still very raw for me, and my emotions often get the better of me. I must remember to pray, also, for my own wisdom when responding to others. I wish Elana the best with her upcoming birth and hope we can drop it now. I could keep arguing with her on her blog about how she delivers her message, or here about the same thing, but in the end there would be no resolution, only anger and hard feelings. I think scripture is pretty clear about foolish arguments, and I need to have the wisdome to stop engaging in them, if only because she is my sister in Christ.

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