Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Homeschooling Vacation

Well, with trying to get this house under control and prepare for our move on the first, I've decided to give Reagan about a week's vacation from formal lessons. I'm encouraging him to read, and I'm trying to find some really cool educational programs for him to watch on TV, and things that he can do with the computer so that his brain doesn't take a vacation! Of course, with my pregnancy fatigue, I'm not as good at that as I should be.

I love homeschooling, and most of the time we're really good at it. But it's times like these that I envy those moms who seem to pull cool non-book ideas out of thin air and keep their kids motivated and engaged. I hardly feel motivated and engaged. I know I should stop comparing myself to other moms. My kids are happy and bright, and all. But gosh, when you're homeschooling it seems like there are super mom's everywhere, and I wonder if I'll ever be doing enough!

With my exhaustion and many projects to complete before the move, Reagan has stepped up as quite the helper. He has started getting them all breakfast in the morning. He can pour the juice, cereal, and milk. He gets their mid-morning snack (even if mommy has to open them). He can put away clothes, pick up, carry Bridget, look for pacifiers, and much more. Sometimes he forgets he's the brother, and starts to act like the parent. But I think it's well intentioned, and I'm so proud of him.

I don't think our little hiatus from school will make much of a difference for him in the long run. And I have to remember that education happens all the time. He can't get behind. He's the only kid in his class!

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