Friday, May 27, 2005

I Remember 13

I remember 13. We were all in broom skirts and long solid tee shirts, then. We thought we were very alternative. Poetic. Mysterious. Earthy.

It was before Elizabeth Bennet. We were Anne Shirley then. All red hair, and looking for our Gilbert. It was all romance and longing. Dreaming. Wishing.

Weddings were a far off dream, then. They were white veils and "All That I Ask of You". It was Phantom of the Opera, then. Maybe a little Les Mis. We were actresses, then. Determined to master our craft.

We were ready for High School, all boys and cars, shows and singing. We went ball room dancing on the weekends, and walked through the drive-through at Burger King. We were Twin Peaks, Laura and Donna. We feared Bob and knew that nothing was better than a "damn fine cup of coffee". We loved Star Trek, and knew that Riker looked better with a beard.

The world was wide and waiting then. Each day was a new beginning with "no mistakes in it". We were laying the foundations for friendships, some that would last a lifetime. There was fear. There was hope. There was always 14 coming soon.

I remember 13.

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