Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Importance of Our Playgroup

I have long believed that I joined a great support group for homeschooling moms. I don't think I could have found better women if I'd personally gone door to door looking for homeschooling moms to join. Over the past year since we started our group we've grown and shrunk, laughed and cried, and truly shared this journey as homeschoolers and moms.

Today we met at the park, and it was only three of us. The children ran all over sharing snacks, helping eachother up the jungle gym, catching bubbles, and cheering eachother on the swings. Older kids helped smaller kids, and there were lots of hugs given. While the children ate and played, so did us moms. We talked. That's our play. And it is just as vitally important to me to have that grown-up talk as it is for them to have that playtime with other kids.

Homeschoolers have a the worst reputation for being unsocialized. As most homeschoolers know, it's completely undeserved as most of us are involved in a number of things that take our children out of our homes and into educational experiences all over. But I've found that it's just as important to remember my own socialization needs as well. Homeschooling has been so wonderful in creating a bond between my children and myself. But with my wonderful support group it has also been a way for me to find incredible women who have the same concerns and hopes for their families that I do. And it keeps me thinking of new ways to parent, to educate, and to enjoy all the wonderful things that my children do.

Gotta go kiss a boo boo!

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