Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jennifer's Interview Questions For Me

These questions are from Jennifer. I'll do my best to answer them.

1. What are the strengths you see in each of your kids?

In Reagan I see a really tender spirit. Not in a sissy way, or anything, he's all boy. But the way he shows affection and trys to look after his sisters, I think it's very special.

In Piper I see a steadfast heart. She's not afraid of much, and she's got this fantastic energy. She loves with everything she has in her, and commits totally to whatever she's doing. She doens't do anything halfway.

In Bridget I see kindness. She is just all warmth and love. That may change some as she develops further, but right now she seems to be my most sweet-natured child.

2. Was it more love of tradition or the theology which brought you to Roman Catholicism?

Probably a love of tradition. But that alone couldn't keep me. The more I learn, the more the RC church is home.

3. If you had gone to university, what would you have studied and why (other than nursing)?

That's hard. But probably history. I've always loved history, and would probably have become a teacher.

4. What do you love about your Welsh heritage?

The Welsh heritage is old and proud. The Welsh were hard to conquer, as long ago they didn't live in towns, and it's hard to occupy a nomadic people. Despite British attempts, the Welsh never completely lost their language, their traditions or their heritage. And considering the ways the British attempted to stamp it out, it's nearly miraculous! Hence my deep desire to learn Welsh.

5. And for levity, what is your favorite memory of our friendship?

My there are so many to choose from. Our Town, singing 4 Non Blondes songs down 2nd Street in LB. Going to the Tori concert together.

But I think my favorite memory is when we went with LAHS to see Phantom and we walked around L.A. and went to visit your dad at his office. It felt so grown up.

Now, I'm so grateful, looking back, to have been a part of everything. To think that we went from you bribing me to finish my book report with the soundtrack from Twin Peaks, to standing up at eachothers weddings, and welcoming eachothers babies, it seems incredible this friendship that God has blessed us with.

Thanks, Jen, great questions.

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