Wednesday, May 11, 2005

O.B. Appt

I had my post-partum OB appt this morning. I walked in with three kids, pushing a stroller and went to the receptionist's desk to check in. She looked excited and strained to see the stroller, asking "Oh, what did you have?" to which I replied "We had a girl, but she didn't make it. This is our one year old." She immediately felt bad.

I was taken into the exam room and my vitals were taken. My blood pressure was within normal limits. But I'm someone who usually runs about 100/60 and today it was 120/80, so for me, that's a jump. I think I was a bit nervous just being there. After going through all the usual things I asked the nurse for a pregnancy test. She said that was fine and got a urine specimin. And of course our great fear joy was confirmed and all the home pregnancy tests were right. We are pregnant.

The doctor came in and gave me my pelvic. Yes, thrilling as always. He then congratulated me. So I wasn't in trouble for not waiting long enough! Afterward we discussed special plans for this pregnancy. I'll be going in on the 24th for my first official OB appt. Then on the 26th I'll have my first ultrasound. I know how to date the pregnancy, but they want to date it themselves so that they can schedule a special firt trimester test to help rule out certain problems. I'm going to do it because having a negative result on that test would greatly help alleviate some of my fears. I'll also be planning another level II ultrasound for this pregnancy, and at least one visit with the perinatologist.

On my way out the receptionist told me how impressed she was with how I was handling everything. She also told me what nice polite children I had. She thought I was very patient. Ya, she doesn't know me that well. But her compliments did wonders for my ego. I needed that stroking, I guess.

I felt better after leaving today. But I think even when I know that what happened to Sarah isn't likely to happen again, I'm still going to think of 1000 things that could still go wrong. Please pray for me.

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