Thursday, May 19, 2005

School Update

Reagan's School Update:

Math: He's just ripping through Math like it's nothing. For a while it was slow going, but now that he's really gotten some concepts, he's doing great. He's into triple digit addition and subtraction.

Reading: He just finished reading the book "Awful End" by himself. It's a chapter book and probably at a fourth grade level. He finished it on a plane. The flight attendant was shocked that he was reading it until she found out he was homeschooled. He's also making Strides in both "Devotional Stories for Little Folks" and "My Cardinal Reader".

Spelling: Still getting perfect scores on his Spelling tests and yet, his spelling is terrible when writing anything. We're still following the same procedure, however. I underline mispelled words, give him the first three letters that the word should have and then make him look them up in his children's dictionary to copy. Eventually he'll get sick of having to look up "people" and will decide to just remember it. Well, at least I hope so.

Science: Our seamonkey's didn't grow. I'm not sure what we did wrong, but I have more, so we'll start again soon. In the meantime he's still reading his Discovery kids magazines and deciding which experiments he'd like to try. I love seeing his imagination at work. For example earlier today he'd tied a toy to one end of the belt from his housecoat, and then hung it over the doorknob. As he'd pull the opposite end, the toy would rise, and he'd say "look, mom, a pulley!" Atta boy!

Grammar: He still needs work on adjectives, as well as figuring out where a sentence ends, and starting the next sentence with a capitol letter. I'm trying to increase our writing exercises. I'm having him do copy work at least a couple of times a week, in addition to other writing exercises.

Religion: He's learned the 7 corporal works of mercy and all about the Holy Family. Now he's learning about prayer, miracles, and forgiveness. It's heavy stuff but presented well. And he's doing really well memorizing his catechism questions.

There's so much that he's learning, and so much of it not in books. He's just a sponge! This is a great time. I love watching him learn and grow.

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