Friday, June 24, 2005

Bad Blogger

Well, there's been a lot going on in Basso-land.

I've been working a lot, trying to make money. I don't understand why every time we start to get ahead a new expense comes around the corner and knocks us on our butts!

Then, there is our apartment situation. We kept getting noise complaints in our last apartment. I talked repeatedly with management about ways I was trying to not make noise, but the complaints kept coming no matter what I did. I tried to explain that I thought noise was being attributed to us that wasn't ours. Like complaints in the wee hours of the morning, or when we were out of town. But all complaints still went in our file.

Then the manager called. She told me I needed to "parent" my children, and threatened us with eviction. I called fair housing. But they said as long as the management rented to us, knowing our familial status, there was nothing I could do. Well, she was wrong. They can't treat us differently once they live here either. And they do.

Some residents get their problems fixed right away. We don't. We have to put in service requests multiple times before they will be responded to.

They make promises they don't keep. Like the latest, to send us the documentation regarding our carpeting problem, which of course they didn't do. I'm sorry, but I don't believe that every piece of paper that is helpful to us gets lost in the mail, but every piece of paper that tells us we should pay them money for something miraculously shows up.

They called me to tell me that Reagan can't get the mail from our box or take out the trash because he's unsupervised. Is he playing unsupervised in any common areas or getting in trouble, or doing anything other than the chore he's been assigned? No.

We don' t have parties, we don't play loud music, we keep our area clean, we pay our rent, and we get treated like dirt. I'm just so frustrated I could scream.

We're moving ahead with our complaint.

Again it makes me wish I knew the law better. If I went in there sounding very official with a knowledge of the law, I'm willing to bet they'd back down in a heartbeat. But I'm just a mom with a bunch of kids, so not worth listening to, right? Better to give the attention to residents who can fight back.

Oh, and I'm TIRED!!

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